Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Embracing Social Media

 Greetings from the Team!!

When Social Media(SM) is mentioned, it can have some extreme reactions from those you are speaking to.   I have had folks that jump right into the conversation, providing their full analysis of their goals/strategies/results while others develop a pained and confused look on their face.  It is likely that when you mention your new plan to engage social media your employees will fall into one of those categories.  The involvement of your employees is important and their reactions are based on both excitement and fear.  These emotions can be calmed with a few simple steps that will put everyone's mind at ease.

  1. Encourage Employees to embrace - Let you employees know why you are implementing SM and what you hope to gain from doing it.  The purpose of SM is to drive more traffic to your business - which is good business for EVERYONE.  Make sure they understand it is NOT intended to simply be a forum of chit chat an mindless activity - but will provide an opportunity for team involvement.
  2. Develop an overall game plan - Write down your goals and develop a strategy to get there.  What are you going to implement, What results are you expecting, When do you anticipate these results etc.
  3. Appoint a Social Media Leader - If you are not going to take it on yourself, then you need to find someone within your company that will be ready to take on this task.   This person does not necessarily have to do all the work, but they will be the one to implement the "game plan" that was outlined in step 2.
  4. Determine how much time will be spent on implementing the game plan.  This will be very important for your time management - social media can be consuming - and really, you could spend all day, every day learning about the latest strategy.  Your social media leader needs to understand what portion of their day/week you expect them to devote to social media and the priorities that should fall within that time period.
  5. Determine guidelines for the frequency and subject - This is just another time management tool. Determine how many posts to Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, Blog Posts (etc) you want per day/week/month.  Also, don't forget - this is YOUR business, communicate with your leader the content and subject of your posts.  
  6. Integrate others into the game plan - Everyone within your company can play a role in your game plan.   Although some will have a bigger part, all of your employees could "LIKE" your page, "Share" your post, Re-tweet your tweet and subscribe to your Blog - AND they can ask all their friends/connections to do the same.
Social Media can be powerful - do not be afraid of it, but DO have a game plan so that you and your team can win at the Game of Social Media!!!
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