Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 5 Rules of Business Social Media Etiquette

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I don't think I am alone when I say that I have physically cringed after reading some public comments through social media.  Typically,  this reaction is caused by one of two things 1) The comment is obviously offensive or 2) A customer is leaving less than flattering feedback and NO ONE is responding.  Comments or lack of comments are the virtual image that you portray to clients or potential clients.  Ask yourself, "Would I be successful if that post/tweet/blog were on a billboard in the middle of my community?  If the answer is NO, then it probably should not be included in your business social media communication.

Here are 5 basic rules/suggestions on how to keep your business page free of damaging messages to your clients or potential clients.

  1. RESPECT - be respectful in your comments.  If you type a questionable comment, then before you hit enter, ask yourself...Would you say that in front of your mother, your boss, your pastor?   Although some businesses are infamous for being "in your face" - most businesses that attempt this strategy will offend AND lose clients and potential clients.
  2. RECIPROCATE - if someone "LIKES" your page or "Follows" you - reciprocate!!   This holds true on almost any other business unless, of course the business is a questionable establishment that would harm the image of your company.   
  3. REAL COMMUNICATION - We all use LOL, BRB, BTW and JK - but this is your BUSINESS so use real words and real comments of value.   Your content and comments will give an impression of you and the subject of your comment.  Make sure you are leaving the impression that you desire by providing a qualifying comment.
  4. RELEVANCY - Provide relevant content and relevant comments.   We are constantly taking in information; but the number of times we take in RELEVANT information is low.  Think about it... how many things have you read today?  How many of them were relevant?  How many were you able to apply or plan to apply?  That information that makes you stop, think and consider is influential.  As a business, you should strive to influence those that read your content.
  5. REPUTATION - The reputation of your business is on the line  There are plenty of SM blunders to read about, don't let  your company make the list.  If you are unsure how a comment will be interpreted, then consider asking someone for feedback or deleting the comment entirely.  Hopefully by doing so, you will avoid public backlash.  
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