Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Basic Organization in 7 Easy Steps

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Have you ever noticed that you are always busy but you never seem to get anything/everything done?   I can relate....You feel like the busiest parent/employee/person in the world, and yet at the end of many days, you feel unproductive.  How does that are completely exhausted, you skipped lunch because there's just not enough time to eat, you never even sat down today and rumor around the office is that you didn't even brush your hair today!!!

Your "To Do" list is snowballing and you just can't get ahead.  So, what can you do to change your sluggish ineffective habits and allow you  more time to connect with more brides and potential clients?  Below are some tips to get you on track: 

  1. Take time to Plan - yes, you even have to organize time to get organized.
  2. Set clear goals for your Day, Week, Month and Year - this may seem like a huge hurdle for some - It has been for me.   After all, how in the world am I going to set goals for this week when I am still working on my goals for 3 weeks ago?  Having clear goals will help you stay focused and be more efficient with your time. As Zig Ziglar says "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!!"  This if very true, if you do not know what you hope to accomplish, it is likely you never will.
  3. Plan EVERYTHING - plan your emails, your phone calls, your breaks, your lunch etc.  Your plan should allocate a slot for everything that you do during your day.  Do not underestimate those "little" tasks - each 10 minute "little" task can add up and suddenly you have an entire hour unaccounted for. 
  4. Expect your plan to change - Seriously???  I meticulously planned out my week and now you are telling me to expect it to change?  Yes - Interruptions are not unexpected - you should expect them because they WILL happen. You should anticipate a long phone call from a client, you should anticipate a call from the school needing you to pick up your sick child, you should anticipate a task taking longer than you originally planned, you should anticipate your internet being slow...etc.   
  5. Prioritize your tasks for the day - there are certainly items on your list that are more important than others.   Make sure you complete those tasks first because the interruptions will happen and they will change your day.
  6. Plan your personal time - If you don't plan your "Days off", then your personal time will begin to bleed over into your work week.  When you own your wedding business or have a home office, it is very easy to think you can hop up from your desk to take care of one household chore or errand and find that 2 hours later you are tending to other tasks because they will "only take a second."   Be diligent about your personal time - in the end, it will leave you with more free time to play and a more productive work week.
  7. Evaluate your progress and adjust as necessary At the end of each day, week, month and year.  If you are only allowing 1 hour for emails in the morning and it is taking 2 hours, modify your plan for the remainder of the week.   It will take a little tweeking at first - but soon you will be planning your work and working your plan and THAT is success!! 

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