Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why is everyone talking about Pinterest???

Greetings from the team at Wedding Professionals!!

For some of you, the mere utterance of the word Pinterest makes your mind begin to whirl with thoughts of modge podge, chalk board paint, DE-cluttering your closet, cookie baking frenzies and creating your own wedding (with little regard to whether or not there is even a ring on your finger). Now, for the other dozen of you who have never heard of Pinterest....here is my "nutshell" explanation.

I like to think of Pinterest as a collection of cork boards on my wall, each with a label of what goes on that board. As I find a picture/image I like, I "PIN" it on on the board with the right category. Pinterest is simply a "virtual" space with this same concept allowing you to "pin" your "interests" on boards that YOU can categorize to organize things that inspire you, intrigue you, or interest you. Easy so far, right? Let me warn you, it is EASY and HIGHLY addictive!!

So...how can Pinterest help your business? And why would you bother to spend your precious time on yet ANOTHER social media?

  1. Photos speak louder than your blog. Pinterest focuses on photos AND images speak so much louder and grab attention quicker than your "wordy" blog. One single picture can grab the attention of a bride and link her to your blog, your site, your online store etc. drawing her in for more information.
  2. TRAFFIC... The odds tell me that Pinterest probably has more traffic than your blog (approximately 3.2 million UNIQUE users per month*) - this is an opportunity to tap into a large audience and draw them to your site.
  3. Brides/clients can track and save the things of interest - the internet can be overwhelming with ideas and pages to visit - this new social media allows people to collect ideas and categorize AND REVISIT.
  4. Speak to Brides that are INTERESTED - they have already taken the first step by showing interest and clicking on your PIN. Talk about a qualified lead!! There is no question about whether or not she is interested....she clicked didn't she??? As for me, when I find something of interest on Pinterest, I will click on it for more info, determine the "value" of the Pin - at this point, I can either disregard the Pin and move on because i am not interested in it or I can comment, re-pin or like. Now, my opinion is that a "re-pin" is of the most significance - because when "Susie" re-pins your photo, she is giving an instant "referral" to the her friends....and we all know friendly referrals are golden.
  5. Link to your other social media - of course :) Did you really expect me to leave this step out? This is just another way to "get connected" and talk to people that have similar interest. On a regular basis, let your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog followers know that you are part of the Pinterest Community and you would like to "follow each other"
Keep in mind as you do all of these things, Pinterest is NOT a good place for a sales pitch - make sure you share information like you would share with your friends. This medium is about interests...about sharing resources...finding ideas...I believe brides are embracing Pinterest because they feel non-threatened...so find intriguing pictures, gain their trust, and START PINNING!

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