Thursday, January 19, 2012

Increase your Conversion Rate in 2 Simple steps

Hello from the Marketing for Wedding Professionals Team!!

Are you interested in increasing your current conversion rate with your Brides? OF COURSE you are! And according to a study done by The Wedding Report, the steps to a higher conversion rate are very quick and very simple.

Publish Your Prices (or price range) -I realize there are mixed emotions on whether or not it is a good idea to put your pricing on your website. You may have the fear that you are too expensive and you will never get the opportunity to even speak to the bride...on the flip side, you may fear that you are too inexpensive and they assume your services will match your price. Either way, you fear that you have lost a potential bride without even saying a word, right? So, are we really suggesting that you consider putting your pricing ON your website for everyone to see? YES... that is exactly what we are saying...and this is why...
  • According to the Wedding Report, 81% of couples searching online said that having prices on the vendor website was "VERY IMPORTANT" to them.
  • “Finding reasonably priced vendors” was one of the top frustrations.
So, if the bride is stating that certain information is VERY IMPORTANT and not being able to find reasonably priced vendors was frustrating; why not give her the information up front? Is it actually possible to increase your conversion rate by giving brides what they want? YES!!! Your conversion rate goes up because you now are speaking with couples that already know they can afford you.
Contact Information - it may seem really obvious and unnecessary to even cover this, but according to The Wedding Report, this was also one of the top frustrations of brides; 77% stated that viewing contact information clearly on a vendor's website was most important.

If you want a bride to contact you, you need to make your contact information readily available and EASY for the bride to find. You would never go to a business meeting with a business card, so why would you have a website without contact information???A bride should never have to search your site to contact you - and if she does, she will likely bounce to the next vendor. As a minimum, I would suggest the following information:
  • Contact Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Hours you are open
  • Map widget or clear directions to your business
  • Social media links (Blog, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media you use)
Contact information should be on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of your site in a prominent spot that would be hard to overlook. And don't forget, your contact information should be accurate AND an active source of communication for you.
Incorporate these simple changes to your website and you will convert more couples into clients.
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